45thPresidentOfTheUS.com is an LA-based online retailer that sells politically-themed novelty gifts and apparel, and is the exclusive maker of the 45th President Vladimir Putin coin.


Who’s Behind the Coin?

45thPresidentOfTheUS.com spokesman Victor Putin (no relation) says he holds the record as the lowest level defection from the Kremlin’s FSB to the United States. Now, in the name of democracy and capitalism, he wants to give back to the country that gave him so much (before Donald Trump runs it into the ground).

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45th President of the US Vladimir Putin Coin Front

45th President Vladimir Putin Coin

Honor your motherland. Get this magnificent coin for only $9.95.

Vladimir Putin Coin Gift Box Package

45th President Vladimir Putin Gift Package

The coin gift package has been blessed by a real Russian oligarch. VIPs can purchase for only $14.95.

Show Your Nationalist Pride

Check out our exclusive merchandise, honoring our Great Leader and a modestly successful real estate developer.