President  Vladimir Putin Coin

Order the silver plated commemorative coin honoring our 45th President Vladimir Putin today!

Own A Piece Of History

After winning the 2016 Presidential election in a landslide victory, Vladimir Putin was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. To celebrate this historic event, the administration has authorized the limited edition minting of this silver-plated commemorative coin.

The Putin Coin’s Triumphant Features

Show your support for our ever-victorious, iron-willed Leader and purchase this coin today. If you don’t… it would be a great shame if you caught that polonium-induced flu that is going around.

The Obverse

The front of the coin is sculpted with a formidable portrait of the Supreme Leader. His steely gaze can make a coward’s blood bleed.

The Reverse

The coin’s reverse features the US Presidential Seal. It is a reminder of how strong and incorruptible our democracy truly is. No foreign influence hre.

Silver Plated Omnipotence

A stunning silver-plated coin, featuring a beautiful mirror-like reflective surface. And the frosted design rises above the shiny surface like a dominant Russian bear.

Multilingual Bald Eagle

The barrel-chested “American” bald eagle holds a magnificent banner proclaiming “Bol’shoye Spasibo” (that’s “thank you very much” in Russian). A real patriot.

Velvet Box For Females

Big Vlad is the most masculine American President in history, so it’s no surprise he’s consistently ranked as the number one sex symbol for women. Why not give them a velvet box to enjoy him in.

Watch the Banned Commercial

Check out the fully uncensored Putin coin commercial the mainstream media didn’t want you to see.

Order the Putin Coin Today

If you love America, you’ll do the right thing and order now. Or don’t… you still have some freedom, right?